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Duncairn Community Partnership.    Intercomm Building, 290-292 Antrim Road, Belfast.    Telephone 90352165.    Email:

DCP Manager

Ciaran Shannon

Peace Building Advocate

Leeanne Marshall

Peace Building Advocate

Kate Clarke

Good Relations Officer

Harry Smith


Good Relations Officer

Gerry O'Reilly

Duncairn Community Partnership Meeting

Duncairn Community Partnership (DCP)  is a collaboration of a number of cross community groups in the Duncairn area of lower north Belfast. All members of the partnership have a long history of working together on a range of community relations projects and interface management programmes, that have been responsible for a remarkable transformation in our interface areas. 


All DCP member groups are committed and have pledged to develop, support and promote positive community safety and community relations work across all Duncairn interfaces.

Dialogue aimed at improving community cohesion and confidence is an integral part of our work, as is engagement with those who may not have previously participated in community relations activities.  Nothing in our areas can change without consultation with local residents, particularly those most affected by interface barriers and fences.

Providing a core supporting role to the partnership are a number of relevant statutory agencies including the DOJ, Housing Executive, DSD, BRO, BCC, DRD and the PSNI.  An accountable reference group working alongside community partners provides advice, resources, budgeting and planning to meet any community expectations raised by our communities as a result of our consultations and associated work plans.

                               Our Community Partners

Intercomm was founded in 1995 as a direct response to grassroots community concerns about inter-community conflict and social deprivation in North Belfast. Through a diverse range of programmes it aims to assist in combating the social, economic and political problems created by over 30 years of conflict and help construct a concrete and viable peace. It has broadened its initiatives and outlook in recent years to learn from, and assist in, other conflict transformation processes worldwide, using local knowledge and expertise 

North Belfast Community Development & Transition Group has   brought a sense of structure and stability to interface areas across North Belfast. This in turn has encouraged Nationalist/Republican communities to positively engage with NBCD&TG, to build trust and meaningful working relationships to address issues prevalent within all areas of North Belfast.  NBCD&TG work towards removing the barriers to reconciliation in North Belfast by continuing to support and enable conflict transformation and good relations work on a local and strategic level in North Belfast, while acknowledging the need to extend interface and community relations work beyond “gate keeping”. 

North Belfast Interface Network was established in 2002 by community organisations to develop a strategic response to interface violence and develop community relations work in North Belfast. The area within which the project is based is one wherein the past conflict and its legacies have dramatically affected the population. Those communities represented by the three constituent projects, Ardoyne, Cliftonville, New Lodge, have all experienced disproportionate levels of sectarian violence.  

The Star Neighbourhood Centre was opened in February 1990 and is located in the New Lodge area of Inner North Belfast. The Star attempts to tackle social exclusion by promoting community development in all aspects of its work. This in turn builds the confidence, self-esteem and capacity of local people to participate in neighbourhood regeneration. From small beginnings in 1990, the centre now provides a number of services, programmes and facilities to the local New Lodge community. As well as the provision of services and facilities, the Star acts as a development catalyst for the area, advocating and campaigning on behalf of the community to attract resources and drawing the attention of resource providers and policy makers to the needs of the area.  

Groundwork NI is a not-for-profit organisation working throughout Northern Ireland and the Border Counties of the Republic of Ireland investing in local communities where the peace process is at its most fragile – areas of high social and economic need which have been scarred by the long history of civil strife.  In this transitional period of the “peace process”, GWNI had developed a distinctive community-led regeneration process that uses the environment as the catalyst to engage with and provide opportunities to building positive relationships within and between communities. 

North Belfast
Ministers Fraternal

North Belfast Ministers Fraternal is group of local church ministers representing churches from across the North Belfast area. Rev Phillip Agnew has been appointed to support the partnership 

 Newington Residents

NRA has been involved in a number of local cross community initiatives over the last few years. This includes the Alexander Park Steering Group, the Delaware Shared Social Housing Project, community safety projects and Events for All activities

Grove United and Malachians football teams have recently joined us and are keen to support the work of the partnership. Football and sport in general, are important tools in bringing communities together, and breaking down barriers. This is particularly relevant with young people. Malgrove have an abundance of cross community experience to bring to the partnership. 

Our Statutory / Government Partners 

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