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Cross Community Economic Development and Sustainability...  

A working group was initially established by BRO as part of a long term strategy for the Adam Street site and to provide support for Duncairn Community Partnership to realise our vision for the site.

Neighbourhood renewal funding is facilitating an economic appraisal in relation to the development of a “shared” social economy project that will benefit both communities. 

Consultants have been appointed and a proposal is being drawn up which will then be subject to a period of community consultation. 

Any proposal will involve practical use of the site that will also facilitate the opening of the interface gates at Adam Street and at the rear of North City Business Centre during set times. 

The vision of Duncairn Community Partnership is to deliver an iconic local capital project governed on a cross-community basis and based on the principles of the social economy. 

Ultimately the services will be accessible on a cross – community basis and will respond to the needs of the local communities.  

Anticipated outcomes includethe creation of a shared facility and services; improved access to services leading to an improved quality of life for communities, individuals and their families. 

Residents from both communities can be assured that no development will occur without a consultation process taking place. Community consultation is a core principal of Duncairn Community Partnership Peace Walls programme, and as such, is central to any proposed new development on the Adam Street site.