Duncairn Community Partnership. Intercomm Building, 290-292 Antrim Road, Belfast. Telephone 90352165. Email: info@duncairn.com 

Gates, Keys, Windows, Barriers & Appearance...

Duncairn Community Partnership seeks to implement change at a pace dictated by local residents, particularly residents who live directly in the shadow of interface walls, barriers and gates.

DCP has successfully facilitated talks between divided neighbours, improved community relations, and created the conditions for those residents most impacted upon by interface barriers and fences to air any concerns they may have in relation to the security, improving or removing these barriers. This has contributed to a new spirit of co-operation based along real, achievable goals which is enhancing the lives of all residents and families in the Duncairn area!  

Following detailed and lengthy consultation, a number of formerly closed interface gates and barriers have now opened during the day allowing access from the New Lodge community on to Duncairn Gardens. An interface barrier at the junction of Newington Street and the Limestone Road has also been removed facilitating vehicular traffic. 

All gates are constantly monitored on a day to day basis and closed every evening. Hopefully residents will get confident enough to allow the gates to remain permanently open. 

Other residents on Duncairn Gardens have opted to have window grills removed. Once removed their windows have been replaced with protective glass. To date no incidents have occurred and residents are now enjoying full unrestricted use of their windows.

A number of interface areas are currently undergoing a re-imaging process whereby local residents have been involved in consultation and designing a new fresh look to interfaces. Ross Wilson, a renowned County Antrim artist is the appointed artist to carry out this valuable re-imaging work.


Removing the Newington Street Interface Barrier