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Community Safety

November 2017 Update

Police Thank North Belfast Communities

Thanking the people of North Belfast for their continued support and help in addressing criminal behaviour in the area, Chief Inspector Stephen Burns said, “The Information provided by the community, whether that’s through direct contact by calling us on 101 or provided at community meetings or through local representatives, all forms an integral part of how we develop our patrolling strategy and carry out operational activity across North Belfast. “Sometimes, due to the ongoing nature of investigations and operations looking at specific issues, we are not in a position to discuss or it can take some time to highlight progress, which can make it appear that we aren’t addressing the issues.  But when arrests are made, we announce details on our various social media platforms, issue information to local media outlets and contact local community representatives to tell them what we have been able to do.  

An example is operation Torus—“We are working hard to disrupt and arrest drug dealers involved in the sale and supply of drugs, bring those responsible before the courts and work with the community and partner agencies to reduce the threat of this incredibly harmful and illegal activity.“During operation Torus, our recent anti-drugs operation, in North Belfast alone, our preliminary figures indicate that we carried out 44 searches of properties, people and cars for drugs. We made 13 seizures of suspected drugs worth over an estimated £17,000 and made 13 arrests, with more planned in the coming weeks. “We continue to use information coming from the community to ensure our patrols and operations are in the right place at the right time to tackle this issue, so please keep telling us about criminality in your area. Antisocial behaviour in the Limestone Road area. “Following reports of antisocial behaviour and the throwing of a number of petrol bombs in the Limestone Road Area earlier this month, thanks to help from the community we were able to identify and arrest a 14 year old boy in relation to the incident. The young man has since been charged with a number of offences, but this underlines the importance of our ongoing appeal to the parents and guardians of young people; you really need to know where your children and young people are, who they’re with and what they’re getting up to. While this one arrest has had a real impact, reducing the number of incidents we’ve been called about in recent weeks, the last thing any of us wants is young people getting injured or worse. What can for some seem like messing around, can quickly get out of control, and ultimately end up in a criminal record which could affect education, job and travel opportunities in the future. Our young people really need to understand this message. Chief Inspector Burns  continued I would also like to reassure the community that we have the appropriate number of police officers available 24/7 across North Belfast, but like all other critical front line public services, policing has had to deliver significant efficiencies. While overall, the crime figures for North Belfast are currently on a downward trend, we are grateful to the local community for their continued support. The best way the community can help us to address crime in North Belfast, is to keep contacting us with information, no matter how small, about any suspected criminality on the non-emergency number 101, so we can work together to do something about it.”

All DCP partnership groups vehemently oppose the use of violence of whatever kind in any community, irrespective as to race or religion. This includes hate crimes such as racism, homophobic and sectarian related behaviour on a single identity and cross community basis.

DCP member groups are committed to inclusive peace-building through engagement at a local level whilst supporting and promoting the PSNI and other legitimate sources of law and order. To this end DCP have established a number of community safety procedures and arrangements with the police and statutory/community based organisations.   

Please don't hesitate to contact police to deal with crime or anti-social behaviour, irrespective as to where the crime or anti-social behaviour is being committed. Reporting suspicious activity often leads to police preventing crime therefore helping to make our areas safer for residents and families.

Report all Suspicious or Sectarian Interface Activity Directly to Police!

International Policing!

Sgt John Russell and Constable George Kirk attached to the Castle NPT in North Belfast met with a delegation of Government Officials and Human Rights Commissioners from Bahrain yesterday at the Intercomm building on Antrim Road where they gave a presentation regarding Human Rights and Policing with the Community. This presentation was followed by a walking tour of the local area where discussions continued regarding the work being done by local officers in collaboration with the local community to improve community safety, reduce crime and the fear of crime at interface areas

Multi-Agency Approaches to Community Safety 

Building Safer

Duncairn Interface Areas